In addition to its website, A&R DEPARTMENT offers services to recording artists, music producers, songwriters, managers, labels, brands, agencies, organizations, and others in the music industry, in areas such as MarketingBrandingPublicityCreative, and Consulting.


  • Strategic Marketing – Develop, create, and implement marketing strategies, plans, and campaigns to increase market profile, build awareness, and acquire new supporters
  • New Media/Digital Marketing – Create and manage digital content and marketing initiatives via online media properties (websites, blogs, social media, email marketing, etc.)
  • Offline Marketing – Develop and manage traditional marketing campaigns offline
  • Market Research – Research, evaluate, and recommend new marketing tools to support and further goals
  • Data Analysis – Review, analyze, and document statistics and data to assess viability of marketing campaigns and initiatives


  • Brand Development – Assist in building the identity, character, and public image of a brand
  • Brand Communication – Establish concepts and themes to communicate brand messages in the marketplace
  • Brand Strategy – Develop ideas, strategies, and campaigns to support brand objectives
  • Market Research – Research, evaluate, and recommend new branding methods to increase and build customer relationships
  • Data Analysis – Review, analyze, and document statistics and data to assess viability of brand campaigns and initiatives


  • Media Strategy – Develop local, regional, and national public relations strategies and campaigns to generate press and increase visibility
  • Content Distribution – Pitch and submit new stories and content to media outlets (blogs, websites, magazines, etc.) for review and coverage
  • Media Relations – Secure and schedule interviews with various media outlets (blogs, websites, magazines, etc.)
  • Content Management – Manage inventory of digital and physical assets for public and private distribution; Collect, file, and organize publicity articles and postings
  • Market Research – Research new press opportunities to reach and connect with targeted demographics and new audiences


  • Copywriting – Write text for bios, press releases, media kits, newsletters, and other forms of content
  • Photography – Photograph subjects for press photos, digital media, artwork, etc.
  • Graphic/Web Design – Create and design websites, blogs, EPKs, newsletters, and other marketing and sales tools


  • Career Advice & Guidance – Provide general counsel and advice
  • Business Strategy & Development – Establish career goals and objectives; Develop business plans and strategies
  • Business Evaluation – Evaluate and assess new business opportunities
  • Business Management – Negotiate and broker business deals, sponsorships, endorsements, and partnerships
  • Talent Relations/Procurement – Connect clients with third-parties (talent, management, labels, brands, agencies, organizations, etc.) for new opportunities
  • Referrals – Recommend services and resources to help grow business or career

To meet the requests of clients, we tailor the services offered based on specific needs, frequency, career level, and budget. If interested in our services, please submit all inquiries to