Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing Lessons as New MasterClass Instructor


This year superstar singer Christina Aguilera returned as a coach for the 10th season of NBC’s singing competition The Voice. Now she’s continuing her role as a mentor to young artists as an instructor with MasterClass, an online educational service that enlist world-renown talent in a variety of industries (performers, athletes, actors, authors, and more) to teach courses and share their professional experience.

With Aguilera’s MasterClass now formally open for enrollment at, individuals can register for online courses for $90. Students will receive 23 lessons (totaling over 3.5 hours) from the pop diva that focus on vocal performance and technique, including exercises that help students learn breath control, vibrato, growls, and methods to expand their singing range. Accompanying the class is a 47-page downloadable workbook recapping the lessons and points for students to practice.

In addition to providing technical training in her course, Aguilera will also offer insight into the process behind some of her hit records, imparting the knowledge she gained over the course of her illustrious career.

“This class is for all the artists out there trying to find their voice. I’m proud to share through MasterClass my love of music and all of the vocal techniques I’ve learned throughout the years,” said Aguilera.

“We’re extremely excited for our first ever singing class. It’s one thing to just listen to Christina, it’s another to actually learn from her. Christina is simply incredible and is an amazing teacher,” said MasterClass CEO and Co-Founder David Rogier of MasterClass.

Aaron Rasmussen, Co-Founder, Creative Director, and CTO  of MasterClass stated,  “From the moment we started filming with Christina, we knew we were creating something special. Her abundance of knowledge combined with the unique technology featured in her class, such as the vocal range finder, is an incredible package that we can’t wait to share with the singers around the world.”

Other MasterClass instructors include Kevin Spacey, Usher, Serena WilliamsJames Patterson, and Dustin Hoffman.

Christina Aguilera Lesson Plan:

1. Introduction

2. Christina’s Inspiration

3. Warming Up

4. Protecting Your Voice

5. Range

6. Student Sessions: Pop Style

7. Student Sessions: Simplify

8. Student Sessions: Rock Style

9. Diction

10. Mastering Vocal Techniques

11. Playing With Textures and Tones

12. Duets 1: Rehearsal Prep

13. Duets 2: Perfecting The Performance

14. The Beat

15. Live Microphones

16. Studio Microphones

17. Performance Anxiety

18. Singing It Live

19. Overcoming Mistakes

20. Advice for Artists

21. Self-Expression

22. Christina’s Journey

23. Closing

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